My Story

Greetings! Welcome to my Scentsy web page.My name is Toni Swayze, I'm based in Oklahoma City, OK and I started selling Scentsy in October of 2009. After attending a Scentsy party earlier in the month, I was impressed by the product so much that I thought it would be great fun to try and introduce it to people and sell it. Scent is such a deep part of all of us, which is one of the reasons that I love presenting the Scentsy fragrances to different people. All of us have scents that remind us of a range of emotions. A home is made warm and open with scents that are comfortable. A home that smells of vinegar is not as welcoming as one that smells of apple pie. Because our sense of smell is such a powerful part of our being, you see many companies that sell room sprays, candles, and air fresheners of all shapes and sizes.In my time with Scentsy, I have seen the company take great consideration to provide quality products. They have many styles of warmers that are a lovely addition to homes and over 80 scents to choose from. They release a new warmer and scent every month, in order to keep things fresh and exciting.Not least of all, is the safety to which a Scentsy warmer contributes. Many people love candles, but thousands of homes are damaged each year from flames that were forgotten candles. The Scentsy System allows you to have an attractive warmer with a light bulb for a comforting glow, that warms the scents of your choice for about as long as a premium candle. After the scent is gone, discard the used wax and put in some new cubes or change scents. Instead of throwing away a candle jar, you use the warmer for as long as you choose.My goal is not to just make money, but to be available for those wishing to order these candles and warmers, as well as hosting parties for those who want to share the experience with their friends. I'm looking forward to meeting many new people and making new friends.Let me know how I can be a help to you!<!--endbody-->